Customer Information


We ship once a week from the UK to all over the world. We use standard international postage services and so sometimes, especially with COVID-19 and Brexit, things take a while to arrive.

Our usual delivery times are as follows:

UK: 5-7 days.
Europe: 7-10 days (EU is delivered duty paid, customs processing can take time).
USA/Canada: 10-18 days.
Rest of the world: 1-3 weeks.

If you've ordered something and it has taken longer than the maximum time listed above, please do get in touch and let us know so that we can look into it for you.


You will be informed at checkout whether or not the price includes any tax, e.g. VAT.

We are setup to collect VAT only in the European Union for orders under GBP 120, in order to be able to deliver duty paid (i.e. there should be no further charges on receipt of orders). Books are also zero-rated in some countries e.g. UK, USA, Ireland.

Orders over GBP 120 in the European Union (and possibly other regions) will be subject to tax upon receipt. Please check your local rates and requirements before ordering.

In some countries (including Australia and New Zealand) customers may have a small VAT and/or customs duty to pay before receiving the order. Please check your local rates and requirements before ordering.


Please use the discount code DISCOUNT25 at checkout to take an extra 25% off your bill if you are either a student or on a low income.


If you're buying our publications for sharing or on behalf of a non-profit institution or similar, then we may be able to offer you a further discount. Just contact us to let us know who you are, and how many items you want to arrange this.


For shops and other distributors we can also arrange a discount on prices if you are buying ten items or more. Contact us to enquire.

Note: we cannot offer any discount on postage and packaging.