Fake AI (digital download - ebook and pdf)
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Fake AI (digital download - ebook and pdf)

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FORMATS: pdf, epub, mobi, azw, azw3 (provided as .zip file ~22mb)

From predicting criminality to sexual orientation, fake and deeply flawed Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rampant. Amidst this feverishly hyped atmosphere, this book interrogates the rise and fall of AI hype, pseudoscience and snake oil. Bringing together different perspectives and voices from across disciplines and countries, it draws connections between injustices inflicted by inappropriate AI. Each chapter unpacks lazy and harmful assumptions made by developers when designing AI tools and systems, and examines the existential underpinnings of the technology itself to ask: why are there so many useless, and even dangerously flawed, AI systems?

Edited by: Frederike Kaltheuner

Contributors (alphabetically): Razvan Amironesei, Aparna Ashok, Abeba Birhane, Crofton Black, Favour Borokini, Corinne Cath, Emily Denton, Serena Dokuaa Oduro, Alex Hanna, Adam Harvey, Fieke Jansen, Frederike Kaltheuner, Gemma Milne, Arvind Narayanan, Hilary Nicole, Ridwan Oloyede, Tulsi Parida, Aidan Peppin, Deborah Raji, Alexander Reben, Andrew Smart, Andrew Strait, James Vincent

Edited by: Frederike Kaltheuner

Publisher: Meatspace Press (2021)

Place of publication: Manchester, United Kingdom

Weblink: meatspacepress.com

Design: Carlos Romo-Melgar, John Philip Sage, and Roxy Zeiher

Copy editors: David Sutcliffe and Katherine Waters

Format: digital download pdf/epub/mobie/azw/azw3 (also available in paperback)

Length: 206 pages (paperback edition)

Language: English

Product code: MSP112101

ISBN (paperback): 978-1-913824-02-0

ISBN (pdf, e-book): 978-1-913824-03-7

DOI: 10.58704/kcha-1h20

License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA